Meet Jana Rose

Jana Rose is the multi - talented creative power house behind Jana Rose Arts.
Based in North Branch, MN, she enjoys working in a wide range of creative fields. From fine art to photography, ballroom dance, working as a hair & makeup artist, stylist & designer - she offers a variety of professional creative products & services. Jana is naturally autodidactic (self - teaching) with an insatiable curiosity and need to explore. Because of this, she has become proficient in many areas, often developing new methods and techniques through years of trial & error, exploration and refinement. Jana's versatility and range as an artist allow her exceptional flexibility. With a strong eye for art and design across multiple platforms, she has a unique advantage for producing top notch work of the highest quality.                                                                                                                                                                                           


"My intention is to constantly explore myself as an artist & human being. Driven to create beauty in many forms. Passionate about creating striking & impactful imagery - meaningful work that stirs the mind & spirit.  I strive to connect with my audience & evoke a response. To touch hearts and open minds. I am here to share & to inspire. At my core, I am an artist and there is no limit to how my creativity expresses itself."

Jana offers products & services in these areas:

  • Ballroom, Latin & Nightclub Dance Instruction
  • Hair & Makeup Artistry
  • Photography (Portrait, Product, Fine Art, Conceptual, Fashion)
  • Photoshop & Retouching Services
  • Fine art prints & Mixed media fine art
  • Painting, Sculpting, Digital Art & Graphic Design
  • Costume, Apparel & Accessory Design
  • Beauty Consultations & Lessons
  • Modeling & Photography Lessons & Workshops
  • Business Development & Creative Coaching

    She also has experience in:

    • Real Estate Photography
    • Home Staging
    • Album Artwork
    • T Shirt Design
    • Logo Design

    **Please contact us with any questions or ideas you might have - we love new & interesting projects!**