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       We are guessing this fawn was about three months old when it was tragically hit by a car.

Last fall, I had the terrible misfortune of hitting a perfect, little fawn on the highway myself. Ever since that devastating experience, I have had a strong desire to create a tribute piece to honor that precious little baby, so this piece is very dear to my heart.

 This little guy is very special because he is also a magical unicorn! Hooray! His horn is hand sculpted from gathered shards selenite crystals and he sits handsomely on a painted, distressed wood shield plaque with gold accents. The blue tones in the plaque reflect the beautiful flecks of baby blue in his eyes. Framed by three cowhide leather roses and delicate baby's breath, this piece has a soothing and soft balance in color and design.

For more information on the magical and natural materials used in this piece, check out these links!

Fawn: https://www.wildrepublic.com/en/fawn

Selenite: https://houseofintuitionla.com/…/crystal-visions-the-cleans…

Baby's Breath Flower: http://www.flowermeaning.com/baby-breath-flower/…#

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